Project Moral and material Support for Street Children

Thank You!

This could be considered the most important page on this site. Where we take the opportunity to say THANKYOU to so many friends and people who have made some projects possible.

Their generosity and desire to assist the Peruvian People to improve their circumstances especially for their children has been very exciting and truly inspiring.

The first was a great success and through it began a project thanks to Dr Jose Quintana, manager of the Hotel and all his colaborators, family and workers.


Poverty is one of the main causes of mental health problems in our country. Poverty drags many children from their homes and into the street, looking for a means of survival for themselves and assistance for their families. It’s in this context that the street has become a workplace for many children. The majority shine shoes, others sell postcards and a few, handicrafts.

These children are exposed to all the dangers of the streets. They interact with glue sniffing addicts , juvenile delinquents and undesirable people. Many of them end up abandoning their schooling, and then their families.


Co-construct a meeting place for working children with the aim of providing support and encouragement to remain in schooling and with their families.



We began our work in the street, approaching children and initiating informally conversations with individuals and groups, with the aim of learning about them, their needs and expectations. The aim of this stage was to create bonds of friendship and trust.


This stage began with our weekly meetings, at first very informal and simply consisting of having breakfast together, watching television and later, creating a space for conversation.

These conversations helped us plan what we wanted to do together: football fever naturally led us to form a soccer team, and the adventure began with the purchase of a ball.

From that moment on HOTEL MARQUESES became a point of reference for the children, and the Saturday meetings became something to look forward to. Our times together begin with a shared breakfast, move on to the park for football and other games, and end up at the swimming pool.

Sometimes when it rains on other days of the week, the children come to the hotel looking for somewhere to shelter from the rain. They always find a hot coffee and sometimes, an enjoyable conversation.

We think this stage will end with the celebration of Christmas. This Saturday, December 10, we’ll participate in the Chirstmas celebrations of the special (intellectally handicapped) children of the San Martín de Porras Centre in Anta. Through their own initiative, each child will give 2 soles to buy biscuits and sweets – sharing the little that they have.

We are currently making ready for the Christmas celebration of the Working Children, where we’ll share a lunch and presents with other child workers. (Last year 60 children attended; this time we’re expecting 70).

THIRD STAGE: Vacation opportunities for Skill Developement

The aim is to develop skills and promote development of creativity, but also provide academic reinforcement.

FOURTH STAGE: Formation of small-businesses

The objective is for children participating in our project to form small-businesses, giving them an opportunity to get off the street, have an income, remain in education and improve their living conditions.

We’re currently working with some families who offer laundry service at the hotel. The idea is to form a small laundry business, which to start with can offer its services to Hotel Marqueses, but later to other hotels too... it’s still a dream, but all great works start with a dream….

Project 2018

Dr. Jose CarlosQuintana Mamani